Medical Schools

Many medical learners are now facing unexpected expenses and financial stress due to COVID-19 such as:

  • Costs related to their program’s adaptations
  • Loss of family income
  • Alternative housing requirements to self-isolate
  • Lack of childcare due to daycare closures 

Working with medical schools across Canada, the CMA Foundation is demonstrating its commitment to medical students and residents by granting more than $5 million to help minimize their financial hardships and support their overall wellbeing through the pandemic. 

Statements from medical schools

University of Manitoba

“We're extremely grateful to the CMAF for stepping up to address the urgent demands for emergency support we’ve received from our medical students during the COVID-19 pandemic. There's been a dramatic increase in requests for emergency funding and we value the impact this critical gift will have on helping our medical students meet their current challenges and succeed in their studies and training to become our nation’s future physicians.”

Northern Ontario School of Medicine

“Many of our learners have families and were already pushed to a single income as they took on the challenge of medical school. However, we are seeing that those already stretched finances are now stretched even further since the sole income earner has been laid off. The added stress on our medical learners is really weighing heavy on them.”