Youth Mental Health

Youth Mental Health

The need for physical distancing and self-isolation to combat the spread of COVID-19 has disrupted the lives of young people across Canada. Many teenagers and young adults can no longer connect in person with friends, teachers, coaches, counsellors and other important people and structures that help provide stability and guidance.

To help ensure young people across Canada have access to the mental health education and support they need, the CMA Foundation is giving $250,000 to, a charity dedicated to changing systems around mental health by empowering a national network of young leaders.

This funding will go towards helping them accelerate the creation of on-line educational resources and shift their face-to-face programs to a digital format, including:

  • Expanding their online COVID-19 resource hub with new mental health awareness and education materials to help young people access reliable information.
  • Launching digital education content through social media and videos on YouTube ― resources, strategies for self-care and coping skills to help them understand how to take care of their mental health.
  • Helping them deliver their peer-to-peer, leadership training and mental health advocacy programs to youth virtually ― National Jack Summit, Jack Talks, Be There and Do Something.

To learn more about please visit their website.