CMA Foundation announces additional support for Indigenous Peoples Resilience Fund, $9M donation

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Building on the CMA Foundation’s previous commitment in 2022 and to further advance reconciliation in Indigenous health, the health of communities and health care, CMA Foundation, in continued reciprocity with the Indigenous Peoples Resilience Fund (IPRF), is honoured to announce an additional $9M commitment to the IPRF over the next three years. 

This announcement marks the largest commitment in the CMA Foundation’s history to an Indigenous-led organization. 

This additional commitment of $9M will: support capacity-building for IPRF and the communities it serves; advance health equity and the social determinants of Indigenous health; and will support IPRF’s long-term sustainability fund. 

This flow of funding will also support and deepen CMA Foundation’s reciprocal partnership with IPRF through a newly formed group of strategic partners, funders and grantees called the ‘Trust Collaborative’. The Trust Collaborative offers mutually beneficial opportunities to engage with the IPRF and its partners, including opportunities for knowledge sharing, storytelling, strategic alignment, and strategic partnerships. The Trust Collaborative is in addition to the quarterly partnership tables that IPRF organizes and will offer the opportunity to engage with a network of Indigenous-led organizations, connectors, catalysts, and thought leaders. 

Improving health outcomes for Indigenous Peoples must start with Indigenous voices leading the way, and the IPRF’s work helps guide a new way forward.  

Indigenous Peoples Resilience Fund within the relations of all - to live well. Grounded in the values of the People served, honouring the voice of Indigenous communities and organizations. 

The CMA Foundation has been a supporter and partner in reciprocity since 2021 and looks forward to working alongside IPRF as they continue to meet the needs of First Nations, Inuit and Metis communities from coast to coast to coast, contributing to a bright and abundant future.  

The CMA Foundation provides impactful charitable giving to registered Canadian charities and qualified donees to improve health equity and further excellence in health care.