Supporting Winnipeg's Indigenous communities and promoting a holistic approach to women's health; the CMA Foundation gives back to Winnipeg

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To show its appreciation for hosting the Canadian Medical Association’s (CMA) inaugural Health Summit, the CMA Foundation is donating $12,500 to two local charities that play a vital role in the lives of many Winnipeg residents, Ka Ni Kanichihk and Women’s Health Clinic.

Ka Ni Kanichihk is an Indigenous centre that identifies programs and services that focus on wholeness and wellness, helping people to help themselves. Their goal is to build a sustainable future for their community. Empowering better care for Indigenous Peoples was just one discussions that took place at the Health Summit, and a community of interest has been established to examine indigenous health inequities and ways of resolving these inequities on a personal, organizational and institutional level.

Women’s Health Clinic is a feminist, community health clinic that offers a range of services with a holistic approach that emphasizes prevention, education and action. They encourage people to learn all they can about what contributes to their health and well-being so that they can make informed decisions.

“We are grateful to the City of Winnipeg for hosting the CMA’s Health Summit and are thrilled to support two organizations that provide critical support to Indigenous communities and women across the city,” says Dr. Laurent Marcoux, CMA President.

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